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Support from family, friends, and health professionals can make a big difference for people who are quitting smoking. Start a conversation, get over the hump of smoking together and try quitting together.

Hear about the experiences of others who have become smokefree.

Deborah from Winterton decides to quit
“I noticed a real difference within six to nine months. I could enjoy my food more – something I hadn’t realised smoking was affecting.”

Anna stops for her children
“To anyone who wants to stop smoking, please don’t give up hope! Even if it takes 50 attempts, when your mind is set, you can achieve anything.”

John sees a big difference in his health
I’ve seen a big difference in my health since quitting.

Carol quits for her health
“In 2020, I can see stopping smoking is the best think I ever did. I wouldn’t be here today if I’d carried on.”

Steph quits during a hospital stay
“I turn 60 this year and I may not have made this milestone if I’d carried on smoking.”

Angie quits for health, wealth and love
“I have a 24-year-old son and knew I wouldn’t be around for much longer if I carried on”

A busy working mum quits for her self confidence
“I hated the smell on my clothes, hair and skin”

Michael quits smoking for surgery
“I couldn’t believe how well it worked”

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