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John from Scunthorpe has seen a big difference in his health since quitting smoking

“I’m embarrassed to say I was smoking 40+ cigarettes a day before I quit. I started at school as a way to rebel. The more I was told not to, the more I wanted to do it.”

Why quit
It’s 12 years since I stopped smoking. I was getting slower in my body and I could feel the impact they were having on my health. I have two daughters too and wanted to be around longer for them.

Tools to quit
In the past I had tried patches and willpower, but at the end of the day you need to want to do it and at that time maybe I didn’t.

I was referred to my local wellbeing service. I was put on Champix which was supposed to be a 12 week course, but after six weeks I was forgetting to take it and realised I no longer needed it.

I was also offered group support sessions. It was great to know there was somewhere to go if I needed it, but I work shifts so I stuck with the Champix and it worked.

I found it difficult to stop smoking as it was part of my social life and went hand in hand with going out. But, I’ve now stopped smoking and drinking.

My GP says I’m one of his successes! I’m now a self-titled ‘health freak’ but have been cycling to work for many years now. I also go to the gym a lot. I’ve seen a big difference in my health since quitting.

Quit Together
My family and colleagues were really supportive of my attempt to go smoke free. My wife smoked as well at the time but didn’t want to quit herself. It was difficult being around the smoking, but I’m pleased to say she’s since stopped too!

I now encourage others to quit too. I am not anti-smoking, but I do try to explain the benefits to people.

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