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The best advice is that you go outside to smoke, and take at least 7 steps from your home to prevent smoke from drifting back into the house.

Please be mindful of others and, as far as possible, stay away from other people’s open windows, doorways, balconies etc. People are anxious about being exposed to tobacco smoke and your smoke drifting into their home could be upsetting.

Use other sources of nicotine. such as nicotine replacement therapy or vaping products to help you reduce the amount you smoke.

“There are many different kinds of nicotine products out there. People often find it helpful to combine a slower acting nicotine product (such as a patch) with a faster acting product (like the nasal spray or gum). Vaping also exposes those around you to far less harm than tobacco smoke.”

- Simon Priestley, Chief Pharmacist and Clinical Lead for Medicines Optimisation

To find out more about the harms from second-hand smoke and what you can do to protect others visit Smokefree Families.

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